Friday, January 22, 2021
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 Company’s Resume

Company’s Resume

“Shimi Poushesh Rang” company, which is registered in the office of registration of companies in Eshtehard by number of 65, started its work on 1380/03/21, by formal letter in formal newspaper of Iran with the number of 16389. Depending on the potential of managers and technician, Pousheshrang and providing necessary infrastructures for manufacturing fabric automotive paints, paints for polymeric car parts and special perpose paints(anti-acid paints, high-temperature tolerant paints and paints with high anti-corrosion properties), Pousheshrang could find its proper share in market very soon.

The company, according to its quality goals and in response to growing needs of customers, with the will of its manager and the efforts of its personnel, could get ISO-TS ISO 9001 16949 from DQS company form Germany.

Pousheshrang, has set its goal to be one of the three best producers of paints and plastisols in Iran and in this way, quality policies are based on:

  1. Customer satisfaction in order of defined rules and changing needs.
  2. Continuous improvement of organization issues.
  3. Improving organizational values.
  4. continuous training of personnel to improve knowledge and skills.

Also in order to reach sales goals, the company, in a very short time, could get high quality ranks from automotive companies and in this way it has good contracts with companies like Saipa, Pars Khodro, Saipa Diesel, Bahman Group, Zamyad, Mehrcam Pars and others, and now it has cooperation wih many car and car part manufacturers. In this very short time, Pousheshrang also could manage to produce some very special paints which are very low competitor or in some cases unrivaled. Below is a list of certificates that company has achieved.

  • License of Operation for automotive paints and under-body non-conductors and plastisols with the total capacity of 22500 Tons in year with number A01/51483
  • ISO 9001-2008 from DQS Germany
  • ISO-TS 16949-2009 from DQS Germany
  • Certification of Membership in IQNET
  • Certification of R&D from the Organization of Industries and Mines of Tehran Province
  • Certification of Quality Ranking from Bahman Standard Center with rank of BB+